MASTERING SUITE ONE  -  The Heart of Skyline Studio

Skyline Tonfabrik is situated in the middle of Düsseldorf and consists of two generous control rooms, a small recording room for overdubs and a lofty, multi purpose entrance/lounge area. The Mastering Suite One is a 50 sqm daylight mastering suite with all the gear you can possibly dream of. This is the specially designed and optimized workspace for excellent results in professional mastering. Everything is built around the renowed spl mmc1 mastering console sunk in an'enterprise-style' desk, accompanied by the finest analog and digital mastering equipment. The center is the SPL MMC 1 Surround Monitor Console. The MMC 1 operates in the centre of a mastering environment fulfilling the tasks of speaker management, source connectivity, audio metering, track assignment, master and monitor level setting and automated insert routing of external processors.

                                            2x Hothouse AMP 265
                                            5x Genelec 1031
                                            2x B&W ASW 740 Subwoofer

Analog Outboard:             
                                            TMEQ Fairman Tube EQ
                                            TMC Fairman Tube Compressor
                                            Rock Rüpel CompOne Tube

                                            Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ
                                            Elysia MS Matrix Compressor
                                            BASE Industries Stereoenhancer
                                            SPL M/S Stereo Splitter Enhancer

Metering:                               RTW 1206D

Energy Concept:                     Audiotools

Digital Outboard:                  
                                            TC 6000 mit Massenburg EQ
                                            Jünger D001
                                            Jünger Accent 01
                                            EMT 248
                                            Antelope Eclipse 382
                                            Apogee PSX 1000
                                            Lynx Aurora 8 Mastering Convertor
                                            ProToolas Avid HD I/O
                                            Apogee AD 8000
Plug ins:                              
                                            Sony Oxford Limiter / EQ
                                            Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V2
                                            Waves Renaissance
                                            Izotope Ozone 5
                                            Izotope Rx 2 ans more
                                            QonnexONE- RMX

DAW Software:                     
                                            Protools 11 HDX
                                            ProTools 10 Native  
                                            Sonic Solution PMCD
                                            Sonoris DDP Creator / Player
                                            Logic 9
                                            Studer A 820 1/2"
                                            Tascam DA 45 DAT

Everything connected with Vovox Purum.
Digital Cables VOVOX® link
VOVOX® link protect AD

Unbalanced, shielded digital cable with an impedance of 75 Ohm. Depending on the choice of connectors, it can be used for different data formats such as S/P-DIF, MADI or Wordclock.