We provide Real Online Mastering

We have installed the QonnexONE Online Collaboration System, which allows you to hear exactly how we are processing your master - live as if you were in our mastering suite. Listen to your music and the improvement in sound on your own speakers in your familiar studio environment, while we are mastering your tracks. Online.

Just log in remotely and receive high end streamings from our mastering console output. Switch between source & master and compare the difference in sound live and in real-time - that's our real e-mastering service in absolutely identical sound quality.

We stream uncompressed audio in 44.1kHz 24Bit AES/EBU soundquality. We can even send out 96kHz, if desired. You just need a DSL Line with a minimum download rate around 5 Mbit and a computer with a soundcard. Or listen on your iPhone or iPad to an AAC Stream while being somewhere out there.